Explore : Car Parking

Within the town centre there are car parking places at all points of the compass around Blackpool town centre.

It all makes for easy access to all that the resort has to offer, and at considerably less cost than city centres.

On street parking is cheap and plentiful and the meter system is easy to deal with, but if you’re staying in town a little longer then head for one of several ground level or multi­storey car parks that are clearly signposted from the main routes into town

If you prefer street level and are using satnav then just key in FY1 followed by 4JR for Leopold Grove; 3AS for East Topping Street; 3DX for Caunce Street; 3DN for the old Central Station site immediately behind the seafront Golden Mile; or 4NY for Tower Street.

To go shopping, or for a show in the heart of town, then use one of several multi storey carparks ­ all with lifts to all floors ­ again it’s FY1 followed by 1HA for West Street; 4NY for Hounds Hill (above the resort’s central shopping mall); or a little further head to Talbot Road; 2LF for the car park immediately above Wilkinson’s store at the corner of Talbot and Dickson roads.